PL8 Shower Fixing Kit

RRP £33.00 inc. VAT

Designed for new builds and first fix installations. Quick installation of accurate pipework for a firmly fixed shower. The Shower PL8 kit consists of the highest standard components and provides a strong secure fixing at a very competitive price. Easy, quick and precise installation of bar shower mixers to new pipework.


As recommended by plumbing legend Andy Cam!

The plumbers favourite for over 20 years!

Key characteristics of Shower PL8 Fixing Kit

For First Fix Installations

Reduced Installation time

No depth planning required as it can take up any tile thickness

Pipes can be checked as level before tiling or Bar Valve fitment

Chamfered compression nuts for easy and controlled tightening

A plate design that eliminates lateral skew when tightening fixings

Perfect 150mm centers to fit 99% of bar-type showers

Once fitted the bar valve is extremely secure (can withstand a direct pull force of 130kg with no defects)

10 Year Guarantee