Marflow Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Our guarantee is in addition to your statutory and other legal rights and is subject to the following conditions:

  • the product was purchased within the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland
  • the product is used in domestic and commercial including hotels applications only
  • the guarantee applies solely to the original purchaser with proof of purchase
  • the installation must allow ready access to all products for the purpose of inspection, maintenance or replacement
  • repair under this guarantee does not extend the original expiry date. The guarantee on any replacement parts or product ends at the original expiry date
  • any part found to be defective during the guarantee period will be replaced without charge, providing that the product has been installed in accordance with the instructions given in this guide and used as the manufacturer intended

The guarantee does not cover damage or defects caused by:

  • general wear and tear (to special non-chrome finishes and components such as filters, seals, ‘O’ rings, washers)
  • incorrect installation
  • repair using non-Marflow parts
  • accidental or wilful misuse
  • corrosion and the use of inappropriate cleaning products
  • system debris, including the build up of lime-scale (which can be controlled through regular servicing and maintenance)
  • Compensation for loss of use of the product or consequential loss of any kind
  • Any costs that may be associated with the removal or installation of the product(s) for servicing, repair or replacement