Whilst we may all spend hours swooning over pictures of beautiful big bathrooms with acres of space and walk-through showers, many of us have to tolerate bathrooms that may just be a bit on the small side. Needless to say, many of Marflow’s designs can help make the most of a small space.

One of the best ways to approach the design of a small bathroom space is to think about all the surfaces available – including the walls, and how best to deal with the floor. Wall-hung fittings (WC, bidet and basin) allow the floor to appear more spacious. Wall-hung means easy cleaning too! The most obvious way of either creating more space or making the most of what’s already there is to install a shower over the bath, rather than having a separate bath and shower enclosure. This concept can also cut down on expenses too, and there could then be space for a roomy basin cabinet or even a pair of basins side-by-side. Look at the St James Collection of bath-shower mixers with diverters for traditional style, and for a more contemporary look, the NOW collection has an extensive choice of thermostatic shower valves which can be installed above a bath, or look at the bath-shower mixer taps, which provide a shower handset as part of the ‘bath taps’. Great for hair-rinsing, or a super-quick shower (or even washing the dog in the bath!)

Small bathrooms must, of course, be superbly organised as far as storage goes. There’s a large choice of accessories … from towel rings and rails to bath and shower baskets, including corner models and heated towel rails. That means that there’s a place for everything – shelves and surfaces don’t need to be cluttered up (remember that clutter makes any space look smaller and disorganised). The NOW collection of accessories is an eye-opener – there are double height glass shelves, double robe hooks and double towel rails. Which means, basically, that there is no excuse for towels, toiletries and robes to be anywhere else apart from their designated space; keep that small bathroom neat, organised and tidy!

<> Small Bathrooms: Design Directions …

Some general interior design ideas are always relevant for small bathrooms. Keep things streamlined wherever possible; avoid too many changes of texture, colour or pattern. An all-over colour for matching tiles and/or paint helps to maintain an overall sense of space and logic; too many changes of a theme can make a small room seem overpowering and cramped. Make sure there is storage available; choose wall cabinets or built-in alcove shelves. Window dressings should be slick and unobtrusive. If the bathroom isn’t particularly overlooked, consider opaque or frosted glass. Rather than new glazing, try frosted or decorative window film. Roller blinds are great for small spaces, especially for a recessed window. It goes without saying though, to choose one that is moisture resistant (to avoid mouldy or damp patches!). Small bathrooms can suffer from problems such as condensation, which isn’t good for painted or papered surfaces or for any kind of curtains or fabric blinds. Sort out the ventilation and condensation at the start of the bathroom design project; make sure windows are easy to open for fresh air and ventilation and make a point of drying and airing damp towels and bath mats. Small can be beautiful, but must be organised!